Monday, July 29, 2013

Whatever happened to the lives that we once knew? (The Beatles) #68 of 300ish singles

The Beatles Free As A Bird/ Christmas Time (Is here Again) (Apple R 6422,  1995)

The surviving Beatles regrouped in 1995 to supply music for John's Free As A Bird and answer another of John's questions in the lyric - Can we really live without each other?

Well yes and no. Life went on after John's murder in 1980 but the world hasn't been the same without him. It certainly changed the Beatle universe in general and the lives of Paul George and Ringo (Yoko, Sean, Julian...) in particular.

Paul George and Ringo do their best with the song (in truth not one of JOL's greatest efforts) and they can't help sounding like who they are. I, for one, am happy that they did this and Real Love for the Anthology project. Obviously, with George's death there can never be a repeat of the Threetles.

George and Paul's vocals and those familiar harmonies are fantastic additions to John's lead. George's guitar and Ringo's drums: it's the bloody Beatles la.

Hidden gem: The Beatle's Christmas discs sent out each year by the fan club from 1963 until 1969 are a fantastic collection of inspired lunacy. They show the wonderful friendship the four headed beast enjoyed and they also serve to show the inner turmoils towards the end of their career together. The Christmas discs have been bootlegged a lot but it would be great to have them officially released together on an Apple album.

This one comes from 1967 and is probably the least interesting of the fan club discs, so here's the complete set. Gear! So it's over to John - NOW~!


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