Thursday, August 1, 2013

Well, I thought that fifteen was gonna be a breeze (Alice Cooper) #69

Alice Cooper Teenage Lament '74/ Hard Hearted Alice (Warner Bros B 7762,  1973)

Yep - I have a couple of singles out of alphabetical order. Sorry 'bout that chief.

I remembered that in a fit of enthusiasm many years ago I put a lot of singles into album sleeves. The idea was that if an A side was featured on an album I'd put the two together to create a more unified package.

I know, I know. Anal. But there you go.

Half way through the Beatles' singles run down I remembered this and went through my albums to separate the two again.

Which brings us to Alice Cooper - the man and the band and their 1973 album Muscle Of Love (both A and B side are from the album).

1973 was a stellar year in rock generally but a great one for Alice Cooper - they managed to produce the brilliant Billion Dollar Babies and Muscle Of Love.

Teenage Lament '74 is certainly an album standout but it makes an even better single.

Teenage angst: Alice gets into the teenage mind to a frightening degree in two of his biggest hits - I'm Eighteen and this song. The whole thing is a shtick but it's done in such an over the top yet tongue in cheek way that it works. Helps that the music is terrific!

Hidden gem: The B side is also from the album and a nice line in self mythology. I'm a sucker for the twice shy stuff.

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