Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hey, psst psst, here she comes now (Blondie) #75

Blondie  Rip Her To Shreads (sic)/ X Offender (Chrysalis K 6973,  1976)

Another example of sloppy NZ production as they misspell the A side title which is almost appropriate as Blondie came surfing in on the punk wave. Almost, but Deborah Harry and the blokes in Blondie were no punks. Check out the snazzy suits in the video below.

They were a pop outfit whose commercial and creative peak came two years after this single in 1978 with the Parallel Lines masterpiece.

Back in '76 though they were just starting out. As far as I can tell Rip It To Shreds (to give it its correct title) was paired with two songs outside of NZ (In The Flesh and X Offender) - so we were short changed here.

Never mind eh. Rip It... is a great slice of attitude from Debbie Harry and Blondie. Apparently about gossip columnists but who knows?

They wisely don't go beyond their abilities and try for a full on snarl. Instead it's a tongue in cheek glide.

Hidden gem: X Offender was an A side in its own right so it is a quality Blondie moment as well. Good value for money, although both songs were from their first album - Blondie.

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