Thursday, August 15, 2013

You look tired love, let me turn down the light (Cilla Black) #72

Cilla Black Step Inside Love/ I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off You (Parlophone R 5674,  1968)

Dear old Cilla. Just goes to show how minimal talent can be parleyed into a lifetime career in entertainment. I bet the Brits call her a national treasure or some such tosh.

Don't get me wrong - I love the original girl made good idea of Cilla but not the media construct she has been for the last...what..forty or so years, I guess.

If you said, "Cilla Black" to someone and asked them to name one song - Step Inside Love would be it. Actually I'm struggling to think of another one.

Lennon and McCartney knew what they were about when they gave this to her. No way were they EVER going to record this themselves. Dear old George Martin produces and it screams hit without any trouble in the quality stakes.

Hidden gem: Well, no but the B side gives an idea of future directions for our Cilla.


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