Thursday, October 7, 2010

When the earth moves again my friend, let the lady right on through (Jefferson Airplane)

An update on the Greatest Hits tour of duty: into the J's now and Jefferson Airplane's Journey - The Best Of JA is blasting forth.

I have written before about the way I love the intertwining voices of Grace Slick, Paul Kantner and either Marty Balin or (especially) David Freiberg. Something magic happens when these voices start to soar, as they do on When The Earth Moves Again which happens to be on this collection.

It's a damned fine CD actually. JA have lots of CD compilations out there and some are rather limited in appeal. Journey is the equal of the best of the rest which I have on vinyl - The Worst Of JA, Early Flight and Flightlog.

My favourite era is when JA splintered into Jefferson Starship (via Kantner's first solo album). - hence my love of the Slick/Kantner/Freiberg lineup.

Sadly there are no great youtube videos of the band doing their thing so here's the album track complete with Papa John's great violin!