Friday, August 16, 2013

Dance with the birds and the music (Blerta) #73 and 74

Blerta Dance Around The World/ Freedom St. Marys (HMV HR 466,  1972)

Iconic NZ actor Bruno Lawrence's finest musical moment came on this fantastic slice of NZ rock.

Blerta was a communal collective of wannabe Merry Pranksters/Hog Farmers. They had a musical bent and released these two great singles. The one above and:

Blerta Joy Joy/ Rain Song (EMI HR 536,  1975)

Bruno was the drummer and quasi leader in the collective (Blerta stands for Bruno Lawrence's Electric Revelation and Traveling Apparition) with Geoff Murphy and others performing along side him.

For a bunch of actors, film makers and musicians they gelled incredibly well on these tracks. Joy Joy zips by on an adrenaline rush and Dance Around The World is a NZ classic. The voice over is a trip in itself.

Hidden gems: Both B sides have their charm with a jazzy jamming kind of vibe going on, very appropriate given the band's rationale.

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