Monday, July 1, 2013

I hear the sound of a gentle word (The Beach Boys)

The Beach Boys Good Vibrations / Let's Go Away For While (sic)  (Capitol, F 5676 1966)

This is a NZ pressing and I guess that's why there's a goof with the B side title. Sloppy work but there you go. Pretty purple Captol label though innit?

Voted the best single of ALL TIME!! by Mojo Magazine. I am not about to argue (but Strawberry Fields Forever/ Penny Lane is not to be sneezed at folks).

Like millions around the world I love this song and I hear it a lot - it crops up on an expanding number of collections and still sounds wonderfully fresh.

I miss Carl Wilson and his gifts from God. When he sings GV I am lifted. Listen to the song as sung since his death and you'll hear what I miss.

Hidden gem: I wouldn't label Let's Go Away For Awhile a hidden gem. Not really. It's an instrumental and is probably more suited to a B side than Pet Sounds but it's probably sacrilege or something to suggest that.

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