Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mindless conversation (Beady Eye)

Beady Eye The Beat Goes On/ In The Bubble With A Bullet   (Beady Eye Records, Beady6 2011)

I'm not a Beady Eye fan as such and my allegiance to Oasis (Beady Eye with Noel Gallagher) was sorely tested as they petered out with a series of CDs typified by ever dwindling returns. They had me up to and including Heathen Chemistry but I had to cling to hope from there on in.

I bought this single from Fopp in Covent Garden anyway cos it was a single on vinyl and it was 2011 and it could have been good - that 'hope' thing again.

It's not. The beat goes on huh? Sounds leaden and dull as dishwater. I always have to check I've got it on 45 rpm rather than 33 1/3. Yikes Liam! What on earth possessed you to release this as a single????

Hidden gem (no pun intended): Oh Jiminy Cricket YES! The B side is far superior. It's bright and shiny and bops along on a lovely bed of acoustic guitars and, yes, enthusiasm. Liam doesn't over sing it and it's pretty all around fine. Amazingly it doesn't appear on the album (yes I bought it and may have played it twice before bunging it on the shelf next to Dig Out Your Soul).


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