Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's been a long long long time (The Beatles) #56 - 60 of 300ish

The Beatles 1 From Me To You 2 Thank You Girl/ 1 Please Please Me 2 Love Me Do  (Parlophone GEPO  ?)

The Beatles 1 Long Tall Sally 2 I Call Your Name/ 1 Can't Buy Me Love 2 You Can't Do That (Parlophone MGEP 6011, ?)

The Beatles 1 She Loves You 2 I Want To Hold Your Hand/ 1 Can't Buy Me Love 2 I Feel Fine   (Parlophone EPP 19, 1978)

The Beatles 1 Savoy Truffle 2 Old Brown Shoe/ 1 Blue Jay Way 2 Long Long Long   (Apple EPEM 10540, 1971)

The Beatles 1 Magical Mystery Tour 2 Your Mother Should Know/ I Am The Walrus + 1 The Fool On The Hill 2 Flying/ Blue Jay Way   (Parlophone MMT A1/B1, 1967)

The EP's, and hits, keep coming thick and fast.

This lot contains a great EP from Mexico on Apple that has a George Harrison theme and the double EP that was issued for the Magical Mystery Tour film.

The mono version of Magical Mystery Tour numbered MMT (the stereo one is numbered SMMT) is slightly different to the stereo versions used more extensively on the US Magical Mystery Tour album and is therefore more collectible.

Hidden gems; Long Long Long is my favourite George Harrison song. I've mentioned the song plenty of times in the blog as a point of comparison but I don't think I've actually written about it much.

Head phones.



Those are the three conditions needed to get this song. My vinyl copy is almost unplayable on side three, last track now.

It's such an strange sound. Ringo finds himself playing some inspired drum fills and Macca plays the eery organ - I'd love to know about the conversations that led to the music on this song. Interesting that Lennon played no part in the song - it's George plus Paul on organ and bass with Ringo on drums. It was recorded around John's 28th birthday so he was presumably off doing other things.

Ian MacDonald in his book Revolution In The Head agrees that it is George's finest moment on The Beatles. He calls the song 'simple, direct and...devastatingly expressive'.

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