Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let me be your little dog 'til your big dog comes (Carl Perkins) #21 - 25 of 300 singles

Welcome to The Beatles alternate universe. It's a world of bootlegs, alternate B sides and different A sides, weird labels, and more.

The Beatles Twist and Shout/ Falling In Love Again  (Lingasong NB 1, 1977)

The Beatles Love Me Do/ I Saw Her Standing There   (Parlophone NZP 3158, ?)

The Beatles All My Loving/ Roll Over Beethoven   (Parlophone NZP 3158, ?)

The Beatles Slow Down/ Matchbox   (Apple 5255, ?)

The Beatles And I Love Her/ I Should Have Known Better   (Parlophone NZP, ?)

Toldja. Weird stuff. Apple? Lingasong? New Zealand red Parlophone singles with different songs and B sides? Yep - that's right.

The Lingasong single accompanied the Live! At The Star Club, Hamburg Germany 1962 double LP. It's raw and shoddy but of historic interest (only). Both songs are on the album so no hidden gems - just a bizarre choice for a B side.

The Apple one was part of an American reissue campaign and I have a complete set of the NZ red Parlophone singles which have came from swaps over the years with collectors (including Mr G Knowles) and other sources like radio NZ.  

Hidden gems: I Saw Her Standing There is a natural for a single and way better than the fairly lame Love Me Do but didn't ever appear on a UK single; Ringo is in top form as he tears into the Carl Perkins Matchbox; and George's cover of Chuck's Beethoven is also a superb side bar part of The Fabs' career.

What a band = four superb musicians, four fantastic singers with their own styles, and three world class writers (sorry Ritchie). Will we ever see there like again? Will we heck as like.

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