Sunday, July 21, 2013

If this is love you gotta give me more (The Beatles) #51 - 55 of 300ish

The Beatles 1 I Should Have Known Better 2 If I Fell/ 1 Tell Me Why 2 And I love Her  (Parlophone EPP 20  1964)

The Beatles 1 Yesterday 2 Act Naturally/ 1 You Like Me Too Much 2 It's Only Love (Parlophone MGEP 8948, 1965)

The Beatles 1 A Hard Day's Night 2 Things We Said Today/ 1 Matchbox 2 Slow Down   (Parlophone MGEP 6014, 1964)

The Beatles 1 Twist And Shout 2 A Taste Of Honey/ 1 Do You Want To Know A Secret 2 There's A Place   (Parlophone MGEP 8882, 1963)

The Beatles 1 All My Loving 2 Ask Me Why/ 1 Money 2 P.S. I Love You   (Parlophone GEPO 8891, 1963)

We now enter the murky world of the Extended Play (EP) single.

When I was first collecting, EP's were a godsend. They were way cheaper than an LP (Long Player) and they had FOUR songs on them. And they usually cherry picked the best bits. OMG - value for money (or was it the illusion of value for money?). An alien concept in 2013 fersure.

Only trouble for the collector is that every bleedin' country put out their own versions of EP's with a variety of play lists. Most of my EP's are either New Zealand or Australian versions.

Hidden gems: I love the bit in A Hard Day's Night when the boys are playing cards inside a kind of cage singing Lennon's I Should Have Known Better (great moment too when John cheats with something up his sleeve). The whole scene with the schoolgirls (including the divine Patti Boyd) trying to get to the Fabs works and it's not hard to get the cage metaphors at work here. It's clever, witty, and musically great in Beatles' early period fashion - with John on vocals and harmonica.

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