Friday, July 12, 2013

Understand, it's true, yes it is, it's true (The Beatles) #26 - 30

The Beatles Can't Buy Me Love/ You Can't Do That  (Parlophone R 5114, 1964)

The Beatles A Hard Day's Night/ Things We Said Today (Parlophone R 5160, 1964)

The Beatles I Feel Fine/ She's A Woman  (Parlophone R 5200, 1964)

The Beatles Ticket To Ride/ Yes It Is   (Parlophone R 5265, 1965)

The Beatles Help/ I'm Down  (Parlophone R 5305, 1965)

The wave had crested (see the previous post) and it was going to take a while before it crashed onto shore (see a future post - some way off in the distance).

Five singles - five number two years. Wow!

These songs retain their power and absolute freshness nearly 50 years on. Stunning.

The Hey Jude compilation that I've mentioned many times in this blog is an early version of the Past Masters collections - that is - it collects A and B side singles that had not been previously put onto an album. Hey Jude begins on track one side one with Can't Buy Me Love. It sounds amazingly current in that context (the side ends with the B side to Hey Jude which is Revolution). Their sound and subject matter certainly evolved in the space of four years (Pink Floyd would regard that as a suitable time between albums!!) and yet those two songs still have the sparkle of relevancy, even nearly fifty years later. 

Hidden gems; the quality didn't let up on the B sides. Yes It Is is another This Boy exercise in FAB harmonies and again Lennon's vocal is a standout. Macca chimes in with the Little Richardesque I'm down - the boy could rock! I've included the songs greatest moment - Shea Stadium - when John goes rogue!

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