Sunday, July 14, 2013

Goo goo g'joob (The Beatles) #36 - 40

The Beatles Hello Goodbye/ I Am The Walrus  (Parlophone R 5655, 1967)

The Beatles Lady Madonna/ The Inner Light   (Parlophone R 5675, 1968)

The Beatles Hey Jude/ Revolution   (Apple A 8493, 1968)

The Beatles Get Back/ Don't Let Me Down  (Apple NZP 3325, 1969)

The Beatles Ballad Of John And Yoko/ Old Brown Shoe  (Apple NZP 3329, 1969)

The impossible standards are maintained. How did they do it?

These five singles: contain the one the blog is named for - I Am The Walrus - NO ONE was in John Lennon's tree (not even John); contain my favourite Beatle song (see hidden gem); show the dominance of Macca (four out of five A sides); feature a Lennon expletive; contain the first seven plus minute single; indicate the beginning of Apple as well as the beginning of the end (Ballad has only the Nerk Twins on it - no Ritchie or George).

The expletive (Got the wrong chord, fucking hell) is found within the mighty grooves of Hey Jude (which clocks in at 7.11). Go from 2.52 mins in and it's there but no one ever notices it cos Macca is singing let her under your skin over the top of it.

Hidden gems: My favourite Beatle song is a B side! Don't Let Me Down has it all as I wrote in 2009:

I Am The Walrus is also a B side??? What the hey? Amazing and yes it was on the Magical Mystery Tour double Extended Play (EP) but still...what superb arrogance to place that as a B side. What must the rest of the musical world have thought? Sod me - that's it - game over man!

The emergence of George Harrison on The Inner Light (his first appearance on a Beatle single) and Old Brown Shoe is worthy of note as hidden gems.

They are two of my favourite George songs - The Inner Light for the Tao Te Ching inspired lyrics (Arrive without travelling, see all without looking, do all without doing) and Old Brown Shoe for the great groove.

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