Thursday, July 25, 2013

He composed it himself in a fit of lethargy (John Lennon) #65 - 67

The Beatles 1 Watching Rainbows 2 She Came In Through The Bathroom window/ 1 Too Bad About Sorrows 2 She Said, She Said 3 Mean Mr Mustard 4 Don't Let Me Down 5 Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight  (Bootleg EP)

The Beatles Twickenham Jams: 1 Early In The Morning, Hi Ho Silver 2 Stand By Me 3 Hare Krsna Mantra/ 1 All Things Must Pass 2 A Fool Like Me 3 You Win Again (Bootleg EP)

The Beatles Intervista Con L Beatles/ Intervista Con L Beatles   (Bootleg single)

In which we enter the dodgy world of the bootleg EP. I know I shouldn't, I don't really want to, but I can't help myself.

In this case the tracks on the first two EPs are the usual dire quality that afflicts the world of the bootleg. They both come from the 1969 Get Back (AKA Let It Be) sessions.

Watching Rainbows comes on rainbow coloured vinyl with a fake Apple label; Twickenham Jams comes on green vinyl.

Of much more interest to me is the intervista on blue vinyl, again with an Apple label. Its two sides contain the much bootlegged 1968 radio interview/larking about session with Kenny Everett - a great DJ whose humour is a great match with the fabs.

Hidden gems: Nope!

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