Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Three cool chicks made three fools of three cool cats (The Coasters) #61 - 64 of 300ish singles

The Beatles Three Cool cats/ Hello Little Girl (Pye 106  1962)

The Beatles September In The Rain / The Sheik Of Araby  (Pye 206, 1962)

The Beatles Searchin'/ Like Dreamers Do  (Pye 306, 1962)

The Beatles Memphis/ Love Of The Loved   (Pye 406, 1962)

The Beatles on Pye? What the hey?

Well it makes sense when you remember that before signing to Parlophone, the Fabs auditioned elsewhere and were turned down. Dick Rowe had to choose between The Beatles and The Tremeloes and he went for the Brian Poole led group.
These four singles come from that January 1962 Decca audition and are pretty much of historical interest only (no Ringo remember - Pete Best is on drums). A number of other songs were done that day, fifteen in total, but someone has selected these eight songs for the singles that were not issued until the Fabs had become world beaters.

Having said that I love their versions of Memphis (the Chuck Berry song) and the Leiber/ Stoller songs done by The Coasters - Searchin' and Three Cool Cats (song well by George).

Hidden gems: Love Of The Loved is pretty naff - it was given to Cilla Black to sing (1963). Like Dreamers Do is also an early sappy Macca song. Dreamers was given to The Applejacks in 1964.

Of much greater interest is the comedy routine done to The Sheik Of Araby (another great George lead vocal) and Hello Little Girl, a cool little song which was eventually given to The Fourmost (1963).

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