Tuesday, September 30, 2014

But, oh, that magic feeling (The Beatles) #299

Orange Bicycle Carry That Weight, You Never Give Me Your Money/ Want To B Side (Parlophone, NZP 3344 4577, 1969)

Back to the weird ones for this 1969 single version of some Beatle tracks off Abbey Road.

Their wikipedia entry tells you all you need to know: 

'Orange Bicycle were an English psychedelic pop band, which existed from 1967 to 1970. The band played a style influenced by The Beach BoysThe BeatlesThe Rolling Stones and the hippie culture. Previously, they also acted as support and backing band for the duo Paul and Barry Ryan as well as completing sessions for other vocalists, recording over 100 BBC Radio One sessions and appearing on UK TV.' 

The band comprised 
  • Robert F Scales lead singer (under his stage name Robb Storm)
  • John Bachini (Bass, guitar, vocals)
  • Kevin Curry (Drums)
  • Bernie Lee (Guitar, vocals)
  • Wilson Malone (Keyboards, Drums, vocals)
Their versions of these two classics from Abbey Road are pretty straight - as if done by The Iveys before they became Badfinger.

You'll have to take my word for it though as neither of these tracks appear on youtube. This is unusual for goo goo g'joob - even really rare stuff is on youtube, but there you go!

Hidden gem: Some lovely guitar noodling features on the B side over the rest of the band. Bizarrely, the lyrics are just a continual chorus of Wan-Two-Bee-Side. That guitaring is nice though.

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