Saturday, September 13, 2014

Spent too many nights getting out of my head (Motorhead) #292

Motorhead/Girlschool Please Don't Touch/ Girlschool Bomber, Motorhead/Denise Dufont Emergency (Bronze, K 8276, 1980)

AKA the St. Valentines Day Massacre EP. 

Bizarrely, this EP comprised a couple of songs featuring those nice young men from Motorhead playing with the demure and innocent girls from Girlschool (Denise is the Girlschool's drummer).

The EP cover has them dressed up as gangsters and their molls. Okay maybe they're not THAT innocent.

This is full tilt post punk metal boogie! 

Please Don't Touch is a call to do do just that and it's damned infectious.

Hidden gem: The B side is where the great Motorhead tear into Emergency and it's big smiles all 'round. All together now - 999 EMERGENCY!!

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