Saturday, September 27, 2014

There was something about you (The Only Ones) #298

The Only Ones Out There In The Night/ Lovers Of Today (CBS, BA 222541, 1977)

I was a fan of this band in the late seventies. Knowledge of them coincided with my first stint of working at Marbecks' Records in the Queen's Arcade. I was studying at Auckland University and Roger gave me jobs in my holidays when things got busy in the store around Christmas time. 

Most people know the band from Another Girl, Another Planet - a great song that was on their first album.

This A side comes from their second album, Even Serpents Shine, which is my least favourite of the three they made.

But having said that, this is still a superior piece of edgy pop. Edgy because of Peter Perrett's quirky vocal style. An acquired taste, but one I really like.

Hidden gem: Their first single was Lovers Of Today. It came out on an independent label, before they moved to CBS.  

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