Monday, September 1, 2014

At least you won't have time to be bored (Midnight Oil) #288

Midnight Oil  Power And The Passion/ Power And The Passion (Dub version) (CBS, BA 223010, 1982)

The Aussie battlers, who are led by the permanently bald Peter Garrett, had a big hit with this song down under in the early eighties.

The passionate delivery is really infectious, as in it gets under your skin and stays there. 

The video is what sold the song at the time - apart from Garrett's weird twitch dancing all the added clips and video production techniques were of the moment. Hooked me at the time.

It's a muscly rock song (brass!) from a real Aussie band (although Bones Hillman is a Nu Zilder in their midst) who mainly addressed Aussie concerns.

Love, too, the classic Cold Chiselish line up - two guitarists and the solo singer!!

Hidden gem: The B side is a dub version of the A side so I guess it's reasonably rare. It also sounds really cool. I normally hate dub versions of things but this really works as it brings out all the musical quirks and vocal tics from the song. Nice.

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