Monday, September 22, 2014

What I feel, I can't say (George Harrison) #295

Olivia Newton-John  What Is Life/ I'm A Small And Lonely Light (Interfusion, ITFK 4577, 1972)

From her second album called Olivia, this is a faithful copy of the George Harrison song. In fact replace the vocal track and it would be a similar story to the Ronnie Spector version of Try Some Buy Some (which used the Harrison backing track behind her vocals).

On the plus side: that guitar riff is awesome, she sings the song well without any Aussie twang and it's nice having the female perspective to the lyric - adds a different slant. 

Hidden gems: Nope - the B side has all the ON-J traits that mean I have this single by her and only because it's a cover of The Quiet One's song.

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