Thursday, September 18, 2014

I've got nothing to be ashamed of (Juice Newton) #294

Juice Newton  Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me/ Ever True (Capitol, F 5120, 1982)

Now there's a name from the past. Someone I've not thought about for a long time (read that last sentence as Obi Won Kenobi).

Juice (obviously not her real name but no one seems to know where the nickname originated) is still around - still putting out product in the country vein she morphed into after her run of pop hits dried up the early eighties.

It was a decent run too; she was no one hit wonder.

Queen Of Hearts and this A side are the pick of the songs that charted. 

Her voice was perfect for this kind of country inflected pop confectionery. After all, it is a Bobby Goldsboro song - Mr Country Pop Confection himself, so a wise choice by Juice.

Hidden gems: The B side proves she can do a country pop weepie but aside from that it doesn't qualify as a 'gem'.

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