Thursday, October 2, 2014

Turn my blue heart to red (Robert Palmer) Single # THREE HUNDRED

Robert Palmer Bad Case Of Lovin' You (Doctor, Doctor)/ Love Can Run Faster (Island, K7517, 1979)

Okay - sorry - obviously I have way more than 300 singles. Here we are at that number and I've just started on the P's! 

Yes yes, don't worry! The countdown will continue beyond the 300, through the vinyl and into the CD singles. Like a top - once it's spinning we need to see where it goes.

What a great song to begin the 300's. If you have the inclination - put on headphones with a large stretchy cord thing so that the plug won't come out of the computer as you dance around to this song.

Doctor doctor - give me the news! This one needs to be heard loud and the feets need to move and groove.

Bad Case... is Palmer's cover of a Moon Martin song. It was remixed with heavier guitars for a later compilation but this version still sounds pretty raw and exciting to my ears.

Hidden gemComing off one of his earlier albums (Double Fun), the B side is in the cool reggae style Robert Palmer has to himself. 

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