Thursday, October 23, 2014

Don't make it bad (The Beatles) #311

Wilson Pickett Hey Jude/ Hey Jude (Atlantic, AK 2737, 1968)

I've said it before and here it comes again - the versions by Beatles songs are always the best. Cover versions? I can take or leave in an off hand way.

Nothing alters that belief as Mr Pickett (for me) over emotes his way through Macca's song for Julian Lennon. Neither the presence of Duane Allman on guitar, nor the fact that it was a hit, wins me over.

Perhaps I should declare a bias here: my soul collection mainly comprises albums by Marvin Gaye, Boyz II Men, Sly and The Family Stone, Isaac Hayes, Alicia Keys, P.M. Dawn, Mario Winans and Stevie Wonder. In other words, the smooth end of the spectrum.

A lot of soul shouters don't do it for me so if James Brown floats your boat you may - dig this Beatle cover. 

I know all this sounds like heresy (you don't like the Godfather of Soul? What's wrong with you? Eric Clapton thinks Duane's solo is the best ever!) but it's the truth Ruth.

Hidden gem: The B side has a longer version with even more yelps and yells crushing any personal meaning from the song.

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