Thursday, October 16, 2014

Please lock me away (Peter and Gordon) #305 - 307

Peter and Gordon A World Without Love/ If I Were You (Columbia, DNZ 10344, 1964)

Peter and Gordon A World Without Love/ Nobody I Know (Capitol, 6076, ?)

Peter and Gordon I Don't Want To See You Again/ Woman (Capitol, 6155, ?)

You may not think you know these songs, but trust me- you do.

They are prime examples of Paul McCartney's long established gift of writing crafty little melodies that get under your skin.

The Peter Asher and Macca link is an obvious one. Paul was living with the Ashers for a time in the sixties while he dated Jane Asher so he knew her brother well. 

Gordon Waller had formed a bond with Peter when they were students.

The harmony duo were well placed to take advantage of McCartney's sixties Midas touch (seems to have deserted him of late though) - all of these A side songs (the two Capitol reissues are double A sides) were hits to varying degrees.

Woman is credited to Bernard Webb - a Macca pseudonym which he used to see if he could have a hit under a different name. Didn't really work so he abandoned that conceit.

The cherry of the bunch is World Without Love - a huge selling international number one.

Hidden gem: The original B side to World Without End is instantly recognisable as P and G from those harmonies but it's a million miles from the sparkle of the hits.

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