Tuesday, October 21, 2014

You're looking very chic today Irene (The Photos) #310

The Photos Irene/ Barbarellas (Epic, ES 477, 1980)

I didn't know much about The Photos in 1980: didn't know they grew out of a punk band called Satan's Rats; didn't know lead singer Wendy Wu was really called Wendy Cruise (why change that? Cruise is a cool name); didn't know she had also managed another band before joining.

What I DID know was that Wendy could sing with some attitude and that Irene was catchy as hell: all those Ooooo Irenes!!

Hidden gem: The B side documents life at Barbarellas - a nightclub in Birmingham. It's not as catchy as Irene but it's got a nice chorus and it bounces along happily.

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