Wednesday, April 2, 2014

If you stay here won't you listen to my heart? (Crazy Horse) #155

Everything But The Girl I Don't Want To Talk About It; Oxford StreetI Don't Want To Talk About It (instrumental mix); Shadow On A Harvest Moon  (Blanco Y Negro 12", 0-247898, 1988)

Everything But The Girl is, of course, two people - Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn. Here they take on the classic Crazy Horse song written by doomed drug addict Danny Whitten.

It's a great song and hard to muck up - although Rod Stewart had a decent go at it with a ultra soppy version that actually removes emotion from the lyric!

EBTG do a pleasant reading of it but again my rough rule of thumb holds true - the original version is usually the better one.

Danny's vocal just aches, it's perfect in its earthiness and feel, while Tracey's is like a different track being glossier pop but it doesn't match that perfection for me - listening to music is forever subjective.

Oxford St is also pleasant, non offensive stuff. Good for Sunday mornings - light streaming in, reading the Sunday papers on the floor.

To my mind EBTG embody the eighties - Tracey's hair, clothes and vocal style are rooted in that mid eighties period.

Hidden gems: The instrumental version is lovely - featuring a beautiful string arrangement. Shadow On A Harvest Moon is...yes, lovely and, um - pleasant.

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