Saturday, March 29, 2014

Where the long grass ends (Daggy and The Dickheads) #154

Daggy And The Dickheads  Standing On The Corner; Winter Of Discontent/ Talk Turkey; Boogie Down Brown; Brothers (Warner Brothers Records 12", Z 200 24, 1982)

This is also known as The Brothers EP

I was working at Marbecks Records when this came out and the WEA rep raved about it. After he'd gone Roger gave me the demonstration copy because I'd loved it so much - one track in particular. I had to make a bespoke cover for it at the time (thirty plus years later my homemade cover is falling apart but still houses the EP).

Who were The Dickheads and which one's Daggy? 

The band was made up of two sets of brothers — Mark and Paul Kennedy, Tim and Dan McCartin — and a neighbour, Neil Mickleson. They were farmers from Taihape who played songs with a high country rock feel and they stayed together for nearly three years in the early eighties.

Take a look at this old Country Calendar to get more (and, yes, I'm aware that none of this will make much sense to anyone ouside of Nu Zild):

The song that really had a deep effect on me was Winter Of Discontent

It's the boys' own Free Bird but better! 

It differs in that it takes the position of a guy saying goodbye to a girl at the farm gate (where the long grass ends) but the spirit of freedom is the same and I love the way it starts off slow  and in control (like Free bird) but then revs up into a bit of a guitar frenzy (like Free Bird).

Hidden gems: Some good tracks on the B side - dominated by great bass line hooks and some spacey New Order/ The Cure type influences.

[I've had to include a different song by the boys here - not on this EP but in their same high country rock style]

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