Thursday, March 13, 2014

This song has nothin' tricky about it (George Harrison) #138 - 142

George Harrison Ding Dong; Ding Dong/ Hari's On Tour (Express) (Apple, 48947, 1974)

George Harrison This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)Maya Love (Apple, A 11017, 1975)

George Harrison This SongLearning How To Love You (Dark Horse, DRC 8294, 1976)

George Harrison Crackerbox Palace/ Learning How To Love You (Dark Horse, DRC 8313, 1976) 

George Harrison Blow Away/ Soft Hearted Hana (Dark Horse, DRC 8763, 1979) 

These next five singles move from the nadir of This Guitar...(and the parent album Extra Texture) to the resurgence four years later with the gorgeous Blow Away (from the reborn Harrison album simply called George Harrison). The ark replicated the transition from Pattie Boyd (who began her disastrous relationship with Eric Clapton at the same time) to Olivia Trinidad Arias.

Along the way George had regained his touch and his sense of humour. This Song is a neat commentary on the plagiarism lawsuit for My Sweet Lord and even has sundry Pythons looning about. It's a fun song - the polar opposite of Extra Texture.


By 1979 the circulation had well and truly returned. His cheeks were rosy again! Blow Away just exudes love and warmth. Love those acoustic guitars and George's slide is sublime. 


Hidden gems: The B sides echo the transition from gloom to brightness that's seen on the A sides. Soft Hearted Hana has the same carefree sparkle as Blow Away. Nothing rare about any of them though - all are from the parent albums. BTW - George was clearly sending a message to the world about Olivia (whom he'd met in 1974 and married in '78) - Learning How To Love You appearing twice!

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