Friday, April 4, 2014

Run 'round the town singin' your blues (Free) #156

Free All Right Now / Wishing Well; My Brother Jake  (Island 12", X 13098, 1982)

For some reason I was never into Free or Bad Company that much back in the day. I should have been - great vocals, guitars, a blues rock back beat - but I never was. Instead it was Led Zeppelin who demanded my attention. They and The Faces held more interest and personality for me at the time. 

So this is the only Free vinyl I own and I have the first Bad Company album on CD but that's it and I only bought that a few years ago.

I think I sensed that these were their best songs and I bought the single in 1982 - nearly a decade after they'd broken up! [I've included all three as videos below for this reason - three classic Free songs in one place]

By that time All Right Now had become a staple of rock radio. Its omniscience has only increased over the years and so it's lost a lot of its freshness through over familiarity.

Hidden gems: Both B side tracks are definitely gems. Wishing Well is a classic as well as All Right Now but better for being less well known and My Brother Jake contains some wonderful vocal mannerisms from Paul Rogers. 

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