Tuesday, April 15, 2014

From the flames you'll fly and feel the air (Mary Hopkin) #167 - 171

Mary Hopkin Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)/ Fields Of St. Etienne (Apple, Apple 28, 1970 )

Mary Hopkin Think About Your Children/ Heritage (Apple, Apple 30, 1972 )

Mary Hopkin Let My Name Be Sorrow/ Kew Gardens (Apple, Apple 34, 1971)

Mary Hopkin Water Paper and Clay/ Jefferson (Apple, Apple 39, 1971)

Mary Hopkin Goodbye; Those Were The Days/ Water, Paper and Clay; Knock Knock Who's there (Apple, APEP 3001, 1972)

These Mary Hopkin A sides from the early seventies continued the pattern from my last posting - songs produced by Paul McCartney (Que Sera Sera); Mickie Most (Think About Your Children); and the rest by Tony Visconti (who she'd married in 1971).

The pattern of nice pleasant, non-threatening sounds continued too.

The EP, called Mary, collects four A sides together and is therefore rather special.

Only Water Paper and Clay appeared on a parent album (Earth Song/ Ocean Song in this case) at the time, although these A sides have been compiled since.

Hidden gems: Heritage, Kew Gardens, and Fields Of St Etienne all appeared on an Apple compilation called Those Were The Days but Jefferson appears to have only appeared as a B side. It's rather wonderful too. In fact it (along with Goodbye) would be my favourite songs by her. I love the little ar-har moment (the second video is the studio recording).

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