Saturday, April 12, 2014

My woman's a sexy lady (Chris Hodge) #160

Chris Hodge We're On Our Way/ Supersoul (Apple, Apple 43, 1972)

Not much is known about Mr Hodge aside from the fact that Ringo signed him to Apple Records - presumably thinking he had another Marc Bolan on his hands, and, as it happens, the A side is indeed a cracker of a song. 

Sadly, though, it didn't happen for Chris, or for Ringo as a pop impresario, and he drifted away from the label during the dark days of the Apple wind up.

But for a moment there - it was within his grasp - it just...slipped...away...

In a parallel universe this song would have been huge and sparked a mega selling album on Apple Records, which led him to be signed to Warner Bros and then we'd be discussing the massive Freddie Mercuryish icon that Chris Hodge (re branded as Kris Egdoh) had become. Don't laugh - it happened to James Taylor!

Hidden gem: Supersoul is a definitive tilt at the T Rex audience, you can almost see the spandex and sequins. Sadly the song itself is substandard - even though it's played well.

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