Monday, April 28, 2014

She was just sitting there givin' me looks that made my mouth water (Jay and the Americans) #179

Jay and the Americans Come A Little Bit Closer/ Goodbye Boys Goodbye (United Artists Records, UA 759, 1964)

I can't remember why I bought this. I have no recollection beyond ordering it from a mail order record company in NZ, probably in the late seventies.

It's a weird song about a love triangle with Jose (a crazy Mexican), his girlfriend (a fickle hot chick) and Jay (the randy visitor who runs through a window to escape). The Skynyrds revisited this territory with more success on Gimme Three Steps (Linda Lou becomes the object of desire in that one). 

The refrain - come a little bit closer - is catchy but aside from that there's not much to say.

Hidden gems: The over wrought style continues on the B side with Jay (real name John Traynor who passed away in January this year) emoting his way through another slice of mid sixties vacuous American pop. You can see why The Beatles were so successful if this was their opposition.

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