Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easy streets are not for me (The Jesus and Mary Chain) #180

The Jesus and Mary Chain Rollercoaster; Silverblade/ Lowlife; Tower of Song (Banco y Negro 12", NEG 45 T, 1990)

The Jesus and Mary Chain were formed around the Reid brothers (Jim and William both on vocals and guitar). Their speciality was loud distortion drenched guitar sounds, muffled lyrics and plodding echoey drums sounds. It's a hell of a thing.

Rollercoaster is a glorious slice of alternative rock noise. The song later appeared on the Honey's Dead album in 1992. 

Hidden gems: This is an EP and apart from Rollercoaster the other tracks are peculiar to this single only. They don't appear to have been compiled elsewhere either so they have a rarity value.

The sound on the B side track Lowlife is a car crash of metallic feedback frenzy. The guitars are the thing here. Tower Of Song is their version of Leonard Cohen's song. I can't stand Leonard Cohen by Leonard Cohen but here his song's mashed into the Reid's signature sound with highly processed vocals and more hurdy gurdy swirling guitar noise. Glorious!

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