Saturday, April 26, 2014

You're damned for all time to walk both sides of the line (Jason and the Scorchers) #178

Jason and The Scorchers Absolutely Sweet Marie; Help There's A Fire; I Can't Help Myself/ Hot Nights In Georgia; Pray For Me, Mama (I'm A Gypsy Now); Harvest Moon; Both Sides Of The Line (EMI America, GOOD 505, 1983)

This one's in the tradition of the peculiar eighties invention of the mini album, or large E.P. 

Jason is Jason Ringenberg and he can't decide if he's a good ole country boy or a let it rip rock guy so he combines the two. When it works on Dylan's Absolutely Sweet Marie it's a thing to behold.

The main problem with kicking off with Dylan is that there is no way your own material can compare so sadly the next two songs are pretty but forgettable.

Jason and the boys stretched their country punk thing over a few albums but this mini album (called Fervor) is all you need really (which is why I gave the other albums to Keegan). 

Hidden gems: The B side songs are stronger and don't have to compare with Dylan by this stage. The band is tight and the sound is original never took off and I think I know why. Country is country and rock is rock and cowpunks just couldn't gather and sustain an audience.

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