Monday, November 2, 2015

Some things you do you can never repair (David Gray) #479

David Gray Wisdom/ Lovers/ 4am  (VC Records, 1993)

Wisdom is VERY early David Gray (breakthrough album White Ladder was five years away).

Included on the debut album A Century Ends (always thought that was a weird title, it makes no sense given it came out in 1993), Wisdom is a decent mid paced rocker and a worthy single attempt. 

The problem with early David Gray is that he sounded like hundreds of other folk rock singers.

The David Gray voice is present and correct on Wisdom, but there's no audible X factor to the song/album. That wouldn't happen until White Ladder and the purple patch from 1998 to 2005 (since then he's retreated in reach, although 2014's Mutineers showed some stirrings of things more interesting again).

I acquired the single along with all the pre White Ladder albums because of that album's brilliance but aside from a few individual songs, none of the albums come close to indicating he had White Ladder inside him.

I'll keep buying his post Slow Motion albums though - you never know...1998 to 2005 wasn't a fluke!

Hidden gems: Nope - both songs eventually surfaced on a singles compilation (The EPs 1992 - 1994) but neither are memorable and gems would be a misnomer.

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