Monday, November 23, 2015

Don't wanna hold hands and talk about our little plans alright! (Jet) #486

Jet Cold Hard Bitch/ Everlovin' Man/ Ain't That A Lotta Love/ You Don't Look The Same (demo)/ Cold Hard Bitch (live)  (Capitol, 2004)

Generally, the Aussies do hard rock well: Cold Chisel; AC/DC; Midnight Oil; Stevie Wright; Wolfmother; Skyhooks; Silverchair all have long established places in my collection. 

Jet aren't at that level but for a while they were genuine contenders based on their first album Get Born.

Actually, it was the McCartney/Wings style ballad Look What You've Done that got my initial interest but that turned out to be an aberration.

Cold Hard Bitch is in the classic rock style of standout track Are You Gonna Be My Girl? and the rest of that debut album. Which is to say - it's pretty full frontal grunty guitar riff rawk and I like it! If you can ignore the lyrics you're fine.

Hidden gems: It's a ratty rag bag of sloppy live, amateurish demo and sub par unreleased tracks on the B side. 

If forced to pick a stand out track I'd go for the Deep Purpleisms of Everlovin' Man, even down to the title!

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