Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hallelujah (George Harrison) #482

George Harrison My Sweet Lord/ Let It Down/ My Sweet Lord (2000)  (EMI, 2001)

A CD single revisit for George's great solo single.

I don't care about the plagiarism, this is quality! 

Those acoustic guitars lay down a beautiful bed of melody for George's vocals and his distinctive electric guitar sound.

A wonderful song that achieves an exultant mood! Enough said (but if you want more try me here).

Hidden gems: My real reasons for getting the single are of course on the B side. Let It Down is a cool acoustic demo version that is full of George's humour and warmth.

The My Sweet Lord 2000 version uses different musicians, a different vocal and adds a lot more slide guitar and some sitar and serves them all up as an alternative take on this great song. 

It works in spectacular fashion too, and is even more poignant given George didn't have long to live when he recorded it (he died in 2001). For much much more on the song go here.

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