Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Things seem different today (Idlewild) #485

Idlewild You Held The World In Your Arms/ Distant History/ I Was Made To Think It (Parlophone, 2002)

I wanted to like Idlewild so much! There was so much going for them: altpop punk smarts; great guitars; Scotland! 

So I bought the first two albums and the third - the parent one to YHTWIYA (The Remote Part).

The problem, I think, is the lack of a smash tune. In my defence - it worked for Snow Patrol!

You a good toe tapping song but a minute after it's finished I can't remember the melody. Which is a pain, because I really want to like them.

Hidden gems: Neither of the B sides are from The Remote Part. Neither distinguish themselves enough to be gems but Distant History gets marks at least for being at a different pace!

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