Friday, November 6, 2015

I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies (Green Day) #480 - 481

Green Day Holiday/ Minority (live) (Reprise, 2004)
Green Day Boulevard Of Broken Dreams/ American Idiot (live)/ She's A Rebel (live)  (Reprise, 2004)

You've got to admire the energy and enthusiasm from Green Day. And longevity.

Their problem was always going to be how to retain their teenage angst shtick into middle age/middle career maturity without seeming contrived and they seem to have done well.

Boulevard and Holiday come from the American Idiot album which I really like. Both songs have got spunk and are catchy. And are actually fairly standard rock songs. 

Usually, when I don't think about it, I tend to associate the band with standard punk pace but that's unfair and in truth they have always been more than that. 

These two are nuanced and nothing like a punk thrash. Holiday even has a guitar solo!! Fab!

Hidden gems: Both live versions on the Boulevard B side are worthy! They are different enough to the studio versions to be interesting.

Minority is a live version as well. It sounds a tad like The Pogues and I'm not a Pogues fan.

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