Saturday, November 14, 2015

The future needs some firm direction (House Of Love) #483 - 484

The House Of Love   Never/ Soft As Fire/ Safe  (Fontana 12", 1989)

The House Of Love You Don't Understand/ Sweet Anatomy/ Kiss The Fountain/ 3rd Generation Liquid Song  (Fontana, 1992)

Never came from The House Of Love's second album (the one with the butterfly on the cover). It was the first single (of four) off the album and didn't really trouble the charts at the time.

Never-the-less it's a terrific song. 

I was lucky to find a copy of the 12" vinyl at Slow Boat Records a few weekends ago. It has a terrific cover with Guy Chadwick looking suitably enigmatic/broken-hearted - take your pick! The guy who tallied up my purchases remarked what a great selection of vinyl I'd found! Yeah man!

Back to Never: it has those instant House Of Love touches - dreamy pop played with passion and skill. Guy's voice is instantly recognisable.

You Don't Understand is the first song I ever heard by the band (lead track on their third album Babe Rainbow) and it was instant love at first hearing.

Hidden gems: All the B sides are non album tracks, although Never's B sides are compiled on A Spy In The House Of Love.

Kiss The Fountain is an alternative arrangement of You Don't Understand - a slow grind with menace. Wonderful!

But all are wonderful! I don't think Guy could actually make a duff track if he tried. Bold claim? You be the judge.

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