Friday, November 27, 2015

Santa's got a bullet in his gun (The Killers) #487

The Killers Don't Shoot Me Santa/ Don't Shoot Me Santa (video)  (Island, 2007)

Weird weird weird. 

Brandon Flowers and crew construct a bizarre song involving a homicidal Santa Claus.

So not a charming Christmas ditty to warm your cockles then. Instead a psycho drama that I guess he needed to get off his lips (hips?). Well it is by The Killers after all!

Yes, bizarre, but fiendishly catchy and the man has great pipes!

This single was left behind by one of my children and I have not wanted to chuck it away for good reason. I hate throwing anything like this away - books, CDs, records, magazines. The hoarder in me.

Hidden gem: No actual B side, instead you get the video.

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