Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wait a minute... I've got it... you're an Italian! (Frank Zappa) #444

Frank Zappa Dancin' Fool/ Baby Snakes (CBS, BA 222516, 1979)

Yes - your eyes are not deceiving you - don't call any vegetable, this is a Frank Zappa single!

Not a great one, but anything by Frank is better than 70% of everything else out there.

Dancin' Fool came off the Sheik Yerbouti album and obviously lampoons (skewers might be a better verb) the disco culture as only Frank could. 

It's catchy in its own rite - and was even a hit down at the disco. What a perverse world - Uncle Frank would have enjoyed that irony at the time, fer sure.

Hidden gem: Baby Snakes was also from the parent album. I have no idea what this song is about - something weird I feel and I'm also sure I don't actually wish to know.

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