Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A smile upon your face (Yes) #439-442

Yes All Good People/ Your Move (Atlantic, ATL 83, 1971)
Yes America/ Yours Is No Disgrace (Atlantic, ATL 166, 1974)
Yes Don't kill the Whale/ Abalene (Atlantic, 45 1968, 1978)
Yes Roundabout/ All Good People (Atlantic, SD19320EP, 1981)

Yes are not normally associated with singles. Normally Yes are about side long mega epic tales. And yet here are four singles (and no Owner Of A Lonely Heart)!!

Roundabout is the obvious single: a very catchy iconic song that is Yes through and through.

As is All Good People - another catchy Beatles inspired Yes chorus fires this one along. By now it should be obvious why I'm a big Yes fan. 

How big? I own the Don't Kill The Whale single from the fairly dire Tormato album (I drew the line at Drama). Actually the song isn't too bad - it just pales next to these others.

The outlier here is America. A weird choice really. Paul Simon's song is heavily identified with him so Yes having a go at it is a little off to my mind.

Hidden gems: Your Move and Yours is No Disgrace are Yes classic songs and definitely rank in the gem category if not the hidden one. 

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