Sunday, July 26, 2015

There's calm in your eye (Neil Young) #443

Neil Young Like A Hurricane/ Hold Back The Tears (Reprise, RPS 1391, 1977)

Neil's another one of those album artists who makes some terrific songs that sometimes leak out as singles.

Like A Hurricane is a terrific example, albeit in edited form. 

I'd bet that the record company thought that this would make a great single, rather than Neil.

It has long been a concert highlight and it's longevity is down to those great poetic images and that guitar sound. The long live version I've attached is sublime - one of my favourite cinematic moments (that wind machine!), and a great version from Crazy Horse.

Hidden gem: Hold Back The Tears is also from American Stars And Bars and, yes, a laid back country honk style Neil Young gem.

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