Thursday, July 9, 2015

I been good while I been waitin' (Bob Dylan) #431

Ron Wood Seven Days/ Breakin' My Heart (CBS, BA 222550, 1979)

Good old Ronnie eh. He HAS been good while he's been waitin' for his shot. 

I much prefer his work with The Faces to The Stones - there he seems like a superfluous foil for Keef but in The Faces he was the guvnor, even wot wif Rockin' Rod on board.

This is his go at a Dylan song. His rugged vocals are a good match here but it's the groove and the guitar that gets me.

It's off his third solo album - Gimmie Some Neck which features various Stones, Faces, and other stars like Mick Fleetwood. So yeah - it sounds pretty cool. The song builds nicely and gets the most out this (minor) Dylan song from the mid seventies.

Hidden gem: The B side is also a track off the album - bit of a sloppy mess this one though, and not in a good way. A case of too many cooks praps.

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