Monday, July 13, 2015

Electricity still lingers (XTC) #432-434

XTC Science Friction/ She's So Square (Virgin, VS 188, 1977)
XTC Statue Of Liberty/ Hang On To The Night (Virgin, VS 201, 1978)
XTC Generals And Majors/ The Somnambulist (Virgin, VS 365, 1980)

These blokes wrote some stunning singles. Here are three with not even a Making Plans For Nigel in sight.

The clever clogs' one two sucker punch of Science Friction and Statue Of Liberty got me with room to spare at the end of the seventies.

Really what's not to like? Pop hooks, neo punk attitude, great harmonies, two great writers (Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding), spikey rhythms and excellent funny (as in quirky) songs! 

'We're never boring' - that's XTC's motto!

Hidden gems: She's So Square and Hang On To The Night could have been singles in their own write, even though they didn't even make the parent albums (bonus items since inevitably) - an overflowing of ideas typifies both of them. The Somnambulist is an electronic experimental mood piece - not my cuppa. 

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