Saturday, July 18, 2015

Will time make men more wise? (The Yardbirds) #435-438

The Yardbirds For Your Love/ Got To Hurry (Columbia, DNZ 10408, 1965)
The Yardbirds Heart Full Of Soul/ Steeled Blues (Columbia, DNZ 10426, 1965)
The Yardbirds Shapes Of Things/ You're A Better Man Than I (Columbia, DNZ 10451, 1966)
The Yardbirds Ha Ha Said The Clown/ Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor (Columbia, DNZ 10523, 1967)

Something that is often overlooked when considering the Yardbirds: what a great singles band they were. 

Sadly I've never been able to find a copy of my favourite Yardbirds song - Happenings Ten Years Time Ago c/w Psycho Daisies but both songs are happily on Roger The Engineer so that's okay.

But what I do have are three great Yardbirds singles plus Ha Ha...which I've written about elsewhere on Goo Goo.

For Your Love and Heart Full Of Soul are both from 1965 - the Eric Clapton/Jeff Beck versions of the band respectively. So cool - check out those screaming girls and Keith Relf's shades. Mean.

Shapes Of Things, from 1966, also features Jeff (although the video below has Jimmy Page featuring on 'solo guitar').

All three are brilliant sixties pop singles with edge!

Hidden gems: Got To Hurry, Steeled Blues, both instrumentals, are excellent lopping blues work outs. 

You're A Better Man Than I is the real star B side on offer here though. Real deal - bam! Right there. Attitude aplenty, some wonderful Beckola guitar, great vocals from Relf and some interesting lyrics that remind me of Hendrix's If Six Were Nine. A great, great song! 

I make no apologies for featuring four videos for this post. Which one would you have me leave out???

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