Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (The Who) #427 - 429

The Who My Generation/ Substitute (Polydor, POLY 54, 1965/1966)
The Who Won't Get Fooled Again/ Don't Know Myself (Polydor, 2121057, 1971)
The Who You Better You Bet/ The Quiet One (Polydor, POLY 104, 1981)

After the Beatles, the second best singles band of all time? I believe so.

Here are three meaty beaty big and bouncy singles from the mighty 'Oo as evidence for the defence.

The first one is a double A side reissue, from the eighties I'd guess. A one two punch to the solar plexis. Earth shattering in their resonance, they remain a thrill, every time they are heard.

They never get old, age has not wearied them!

If I'm pushed to elect my favourite Who track of all time - it's Won't Get Fooled Again. I suspect I'm not alone!

If you can sit still while this is playing you're in a coma! Every bit of me twitches, nerve endings open up, whirling air guitar histrionics intact, and I just gotta sing it out baby!

The edited version as it appears on this single dispenses with the electronic blips and other bits from the album version. It's in this form a superior radio rock song!

The eighties weren't kind to many bands from the sixties and the Who are no exception, but they did manage two songs that harked back to the glory days (Who Are You was the other). There is a lovely post punky sneer to You Better You Bet.

Hidden gems: Don't Know Myself is a rarity in Wholand as it didn't appear on the parent album (Who's Next as if you didn't know). It is testament to how great that album is that the song couldn't find a place because it's amazing! Maybe it was a bit similar in places  to Bargain (and no way do I want Bargain left off the album).

The Quiet One is anything but - a raging piece of rock noise with all Who DNA present and correct. Vital signs were good in 1981 based on this single.

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