Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tonight is the flight of the butterfly (Paul McCartney) #426

Annie Whittle Lost/ Lets Love (EMI, HR 567, 1977)

I guess Annie Whittle is mainly remembered in NZ for her acting career, including being on the long running soap, Shortland Street.

She has had a long singing career as well and even a greatest hits album to her credit. 

Neither of these songs appear on it - which tells you a story I guess. 

I was never a fan. I don't actually like the style of singing on offer here: the sweeping strings, the emoting, the warble? Tick. Tick. Tick.

Oh dear! All very forgettable I'm afraid.

Hidden gem: Let's Love was written by Paul McCartney and ultimately given to Peggy Lee. She had an album of the same name featuring this track that Macca arranged and produced as well. Clearly his connection is the only reason why I own this single. This version by Annie doesn't have the benefit of Peggy Lee's charisma so...yeah.

Tonight is the flight of the butterfly? Really Paul? Really?

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