Friday, June 19, 2015

Arrr, just me and the dolphins (Waves) #424

Waves Dolphin Song/ Letters (Direction Records, DF 513, 1975)

I adore this song. It instantly takes me back to the mid seventies and life as a teenager in Auckland. Simple days at Mt Albert Grammar, living with my family in Mt Roskill South (Ramelton Road) and wallowing in books and rock music. Very heaven.

Waves were amazing, then and now. This music hasn't aged.

The harmonies are sublime. Spine tingling. Utterly unique. Awesome.

The song twists and turns on a bed of acoustic guitars.

I never tire from listening it. I've replayed the video clip twice just to luxuriate in it again.

Hidden gem: Letters is another distinctively Waves song with inter-meshing acoustic guitars, wonderful harmonies and a trademark meandering style.

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